29.Aug.14 10 hours ago

Haven’t done this is a while… Thankful for a lovely time staying with a friend I haven’t seen in 6 months, in a beautiful city. And weirdly thankful for coming down with a cold which has forced me to rest! Thankful for sitting inside reading a book with torrential rain pattering on the roof. Thankful for Gods hand in my everyday life, and for a sense of his presence just in that.

28.Aug.14 1 day ago

Things to be thankful for

My grandma is making a really good recovery
The weather is great. Sun in the day and storms at night
I’m going to Turkey
My CD is finally being released tomorrow
I’m going to see Chet Faker in November.

20.Jul.14 1 month ago

I’m thankful for Gods sign to me yesterday that He is still with me and working in my life - even though I struggle to see it.

Also thankful to an old friend who I don’t see so much now, but who showed such concern and love yesterday when I shared something with him.

09.Jun.14 2 months ago

Things aren’t easy at the moment - but here are the things I’m thankful for, God’s blessings :

The kind couple at church who pray for me every day and have offered to store my stuff in their house over summer

An answer to prayer that I should be able to move in to the new house over summer an will have somewhere to live in September -PTL

The network of people around me who have shown concern and understanding of my situation. There a few things more beautiful than people who love you by understanding you

22.May.14 3 months ago